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Travelling with a Medical Condition

Get instant cover online and travel without the worry. It may cost you less than you think.

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Cover Options

Whether you're taking a family holiday to Europe for the summer sun, ski-ing in Switzerland or taking a break in Barbados, has a travel insurance policy tailored for you.

Annual travel insurance Medical condition travel insurance
Annual insurance covers you for trips of up to 31 days with our premier cover and 24 days with our standard cover. If you want to take a trip for longer than this, you can upgrade to our 45, 60 or 90 day holiday duration cover.    Having a medical condition can make trying to get a travel insurance quote a chore, which is why with getMY travel insurance you can be screened and get cover online. Simply enter your condition, answer the questions and get a quote instantly. You may be surprised at how little it costs to cover your condition.
Single trip    Late Booking
Planning on taking just one trip this year? From 3 days to 183 days,'s single trip travel insurance offers great value comprehensive cover.    Saved money on a late deal? Save even more with our discounted late booking travel insurance on single trips.
Over 65s    Winter Sports
We offer travel insurance cover up to age 85 and cover most medical conditions - so you can travel further without the worry.    Specialist ski travel insurance, covering you, your ski equipment, and your ski pack.
Golf Cover    Business travel
Keen golfer? We cover you, your clubs and will help fund that round at the 19th if you get a hole in one.    If you travel regularly on business, why not check out the benefits of our business upgrade? Only available with our annual travel insurance.
Family holiday to Europe?   
We know how expensive family holidays can be. That's why at our annual family cover provides comprehensive cover without a huge price tag. And if you know that you're only going to be away for a fortnight at a time, you can save even more money by opting for our 15 day trip duration on your annual travel insurance. Don't forget, we provide cover for up to 6 children including those up to aged 23 who are in full time education.   

Why choose getMY?

At we offer a range of cover options so you can tailor your travel insurance to suit your needs. You can choose from:

  • Standard or Premier level cover
  • Annual or single trip cover, depending on how many times you are taking a trip over the next 12 months
  • Cover for individuals, couples, families and single parent families. (Note: this is for UK residents only. Children can travel under your family policy up to the age of 23 if they are in full-time education)
  • Cover for most pre-existing medical conditions available online

A full list of our key benefits and exclusions can be found in our summary table.

Tailor your cover

  • Want to travel for more than 6 weeks at a time? Then amend your Annual policy from the standard trip duration to a maximum trip duration of 45, 60 or 90 days
  • If you don't plan to go away for more than two weeks at a time, then you can get a discount if you amend your Annual policy from the standard trip duration to a maximum trip duration of 15 days
  • Keen skier? We provide specialist ski travel insurance, covering you, your ski equipment, and your ski pack. See the full details of our winter sports cover
  • Business traveller? If you travel regularly on business, why not check out the benefits of our business cover upgrade?
  • Golfing break? We cover you, your clubs and will help fund that round at the 19th if you get a hole in one. Check out our golf cover
  • Avoid paying an excess on any claim by selecting our Excess Waiver option

Travelling with a medical condition

"One of the very few insurers who do not overcharge customers with pre-diagnosed medical conditions.
Thank you"

Travelling with a medical condition?

Having a medical condition can make trying to get a travel insurance quote a chore, which is why with getMY travel insurance you can be screened and get cover online. Simply enter your condition, answer the questions and get a quote instantly. You may be surprised at how little it costs to cover your condition and in some cases a condition may be covered for free.

Will my condition be covered?

We provide cover for most conditions and in the past year we have provided cover for customers with the following conditions:

Heart RelatedDiabetesOther
Hypertension / High blood pressureDiabetes type 1Epilepsy
AnginaDiabetes type 2Hypothyrodism
Heart attackDiabetes mellitusAsthma
High cholesterol Breast Cancer
Blood pressure Osteoarthritis
Atrial fibrillationRheumatoid arthritis
 Back pain / Sciatica

However, cover does depend on the recency, longevity and severity of any medical illness or condition. If you are unable to get cover online, we still may be able to cover you if you call us.

Which conditions do I need to declare?

During the quote process, we will ask you to complete a medical declaration.
Please click to view the full medical declaration.

You must declare all medical conditions you have that fall within this criteria so we can assess your medical conditions appropriately. The online screening takes in to consideration all of your conditions and then provides a quote. You can opt to include or exclude cover for all medical conditions but not the individual conditions. You should be aware that if you do not advise us of a pre-existing medical condition when purchasing your policy any claim you make later may be affected.

Is the medical screening process a lengthy process?

The number of questions asked will depend on your condition but the average time it takes our online customers to go through the medical screening is 1min 30*.
* based on Google Analytic information for the website May 2012

Will it be expensive to cover my condition?

This will again depend on your condition and also the destinations chosen. Some conditions can be covered for a small premium (e.g. £10) and some may even be included within your cover after screening at no extra charge.

Comments from customers :

"You were able to cover my existing illness (Type 1 Diabetes) with a very small additional charge, less than £10 unlike most quotes I got they were adding on a lot more."

"I am very impressed with the way your company accepted my two pre-existing medical conditions i.e. diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis without loading the premium excessively. I thought that the cost of £49.22 for annual cover for both myself and my partner was very good and I will use your company again in the future. Thanks."

"I liked the fact that although I was declaring pre-existing medical condition I was able to buy on the net. Most companies I find insist that you make a phone call to make this declaration."

"One of the very few insurers who do not overcharge customers with pre-diagnosed medical conditions. Thank you"

"As I had a pre-existing medical condition the policy suited my needs and was a realistic price."

"Your cover for pre existing medical conditions was easy to follow and the quote was competitive, I have already recommended your company to others."

Get more with getMY

Get more with getMY

For customers who like to arrange their holidays directly, for example booking flights, accommodation, car hire and even excursions directly with the end supplier, it's important to make sure your travel insurance covers you in the event that one of these providers goes bust. getMY travel insurance is designed so you can choose the cover you need.

Protect against insolvency

With the getMY Standard level of cover, we include travel supplier failure as part of the core cover. So you could get up to £1,500 per person for replacement flights or accommodation if the supplier becomes insolvent.

Need full travel disruption cover?

getMY Premier travel insurance includes cover for unexpected events such as severe weather, airline strikes and volcanic ash which could disrupt you travel plans. With this cover you'd get up to £3,000 per person if your trip is cancelled or cut short as a result of:

  • The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advising against travel to or evacuation from your holiday destination
  • Insolvency of accommodation providers
  • Insolvency of / strike action by the airline
  • Airport / port or air space being closed for 24 hours.

As well as cover for cancelling or cutting short your trip, our Premier travel insurance also provides cover for:

  • Substitute accommodation up to £3,000 - if you can't use your accommodation due to the insolvency of the provider or the accommodation is made uninhabitable due to fire, flood, tsunami, etc.
  • Replacement flight - up to £1,500 if your scheduled airline becomes insolvent
  • Enforced stay - up to £1,000 for reasonable alternative travel costs or up to £100 per 24 hour delay (up to £1,500) - in the event that you are stuck abroad or unable to travel to your destination due to airspace or the airport/port or channel tunnel being closed for more than 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Travel - Your Questions Answered...

Why take out insurance with

We have been providing travel insurance cover for over 30 years. Our good value assistance service helpline which is staffed with UK customer managers able to help you replace lost or stolen passport, luggage or prescription medications. We are also on hand if your trip is cancelled, delayed or cut short, or if you have a medical emergency.

Our travel policies are underwritten by Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC. Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC is registered in England and Wales No. 2189462. Registered Office at Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3AJ. Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

If I buy single trip how long can I travel on cover?

Cover will be for the dates specified by you when you take out the policy up to a maximum of 183 days.

Can I change my cover once I've taken out a policy?

If you've taken out an annual policy with us and mid-term realise that you now need to add further cover for example, ski- cover, or Worldwide USA cover, you can call us on 0845 026 0084 to upgrade your cover.

What is classed as a "hazardous activity"?

We've put together a table which includes those activities that are covered, those that are covered if they are professionally organised and supervised and a list of activities that are not covered. If the activity you are doing is not on the list, please call us on 0845 026 0084 and we will advise you if it's covered

I've bought annual cover - does this include my ski trip?

We can provide cover for ski-ing along with your annual trip policy, or as a ski specific single trip policy. In fact, when you select our Winter Sports upgrade, it will cover you for any of the following winter sports; ski-ing, snowboarding, sleigh riding as a passenger as part of an organised trip. Please ensure that when you get a quote from us that you select the Winter Sports upgrade if you want it included. For more information please see Winter Sports

I've seen that golf is covered as an activity, why do I need to take out 'Golf Cover' specifically?

Whilst our annual cover does include golf as an activity, our Golf Cover policy is specifically designed for people whose sole purpose for the trip is taking a golfing break. So for example, if you have pre-booked your tee-off times and then are unable to make that time because your flight is delayed for more than 12 hours, we will cover the cost of any non-refundable green fees. Or if you arrive at your destination but your clubs do not, or they are delayed, then we will pay up to £35 per day for you to hire replacement clubs. For more information please see Golf Cover

I travel quite frequently with my work, am I covered on my policy for this?

Business travel insurance is an optional upgrade and covers you, your business equipment, your business money and any samples you may need for attending a meeting. If you are travelling on business and want to make sure that your laptop, for example, is covered while you are away, then you would need business cover. For more information please see Business Travel Cover

My personal belongings are covered away from home by my home insurance policy. Do I need baggage cover?

The choice of taking out baggage cover is up to you and will depend on what you are taking on holiday with you. For example, if your household insurance policy covers a specific valuable item(s) outside of your home (under the "Personal belongings" section) then you may not need to cover these items again on your travel insurance policy. However, if you do not have cover for specific items away from home, or do want to cover clothing that you are taking with you then this option will cover the cost of replacing your personal baggage if it is lost, stolen or damaged, up to £1,500 on Premier cover or £1,000 on Standard cover. Please note that there is a single article limit on the policy which is £250 with premier cover and £150 with standard cover. In addition there is a valuables limit of £300 (premier) or £250 (standard).

I've got Family Cover - can my partner and I travel independently?

Yes, you and your partner may travel independently on family cover. However, please be aware that your children are only covered when travelling with an insured adult/parent under this policy.

I've seen the EHIC cards in the Post Office for European travel, what cover does that provide?

As a UK resident, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which replaced the E111 form, entitles you to free or reduced cost, state-provided medical treatment should you have an accident or become ill while travelling within the European Economic Area (EEA). However, you should be aware that only state-provided emergency treatment is covered, it does not generally cover private treatment.

Will I be covered if I have an existing medical condition?

We are able to provide cover for many pre-existing medical conditions. Simply go through our online screening process to check that your condition is covered. There may be an additional cost to your premium but you may be surprised at how little this is. If you cover your condition(s), it means that should you suffer any illness due to your medical condition while travelling, you will be able to claim on your policy and have full use of our assistance and services. So you can travel with complete peace of mind.

What should I do if I have a medical emergency while I'm away?

We operate an Emergency Assistance Service, so if you have a medical emergency, you should call the helpline +44 (0) 208 763 4844. Your call will be answered by an experienced assistance co-ordinator who will help you with your problem. Please quote your travel policy number when you call.

If you require medical assistance we will ensure that where appropriate:

  • Hospitals or clinics will be contacted and any necessary fees guaranteed
  • Doctors and hospitals abroad will be contacted in their own language, where necessary
  • FirstAssist Assistance medical advisors are consulted at an early stage on the possibility of arranging for the sick or injured person to be returned home and the best method of transportation to be adopted. Specially equipped air ambulances are available for critical cases. Whenever necessary the patient will be escorted by a medical attendant. Assistance will be provided upon arrival in the United Kingdom where medically necessary.

How do I make a claim?

You must contact us before incurring any medical expenses over £500. For emergency medical expenses under £500 which do not require the assistance of FirstAssist please pay your costs directly and contact the claims line on 0845 072 0723 within 14 days of returning home from your trip.

For all claims requiring medical assistance of that are over £500, please contact us on 0845 072 0723. The notification must be made within 31 days or as soon as possible thereafter following any bodily injury, illness, disease, incident, event, redundancy or the discovery of any loss, theft or damage which may give rise to a claim under this policy.

For all legal expense claims please call 0208 652 1313

I want to pay by credit / debit card, how secure is the payment online?

The site uses 128 bit SSL encryption on the payment pages. This is the highest level of protection possible and therefore the one used by all sites where financial transactions occur. has also implemented 3D Secure for Maestro cards. 3D Secure is the online capability developed by MasterCard for their cardholders. It is designed to make Internet transactions safer by creating a virtual 'card present' environment. You may be more familiar with this capability as MasterCard SecureCode.

How does it work?

When purchasing products online with your Maestro card you are asked to enter your card number on the payment page. At this point in the purchase, you will be re-directed to your issuing bank and asked to enter the password for your card. In this way, it acts almost like entering your pin number at a shop till.

If the password is correct then your payment will be authorised. You will have 3 attempts to type in the correct password, just as you do your pin number.

How do I cancel my policy after I've paid?

If this insurance is not suitable, please telephone or write to us within 14 days of receipt of your policy documents. We will cancel the policy and refund your premium in full provided that you have not already taken your trip or made a claim. We cannot refund your premium after this date.

When and how do I get my documents?

Your personalised documents are securely saved online. Once your purchase is complete we will email you to let you know where and how to access them. To protect your security, we will provide you with a unique username and password. You can view and/or print out your documents, whichever you prefer.

You'll need Adobe Reader to view your documents. And if you haven't got it, click here for a free copy.

What if I delete the email telling me where my documents are?

If you accidentally delete the email telling you how to access your documents, you can call our Customer Services Team on 0845 026 0084 and we will re-send the email.

Can I have a printed copy of my documents?

The documentation that you can access online will be in a printable format. However, if you are unable to print your documents or prefer to receive a paper copy from us, please call our Customer Services Team on 0845 026 0084.

I need my documents in large print so I won't be able to read the documents you email me. What should I do?

We are committed to meeting the needs of all our customers. For visually impaired customers, we can provide documents in large print, Braille or on audio cassette. Simply call our Customer Services Team on 0845 026 0084 (lines open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm) and we will arrange to send the documents in a format that suits you.

In addition, if you have a hearing or speech impairment, you can use Typetalk whenever you contact us, or contact us using Textphone on 0800 316 0775 (lines open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm).

How long will my documents be available online?

Your insurance documentation will be accessible for the duration of your policy. If you need to access your documentation after this time please call our Customer Services Team on 0845 026 0084.

How secure is my personal information?

All customer information, including your personal and medical information, is stored securely on our systems just as it would be through a normal paper or telephone based sale. The link we give you allows you to access our system. We provide you with a unique password and will ask you a security question to access your data that only you will know.

We use 128 bit SSL encryption on the secure link. 128 bit SSL encryption is the highest level of protection possible and therefore the one used by all sites where financial transactions occur.


Claims process

Claiming with is easy. Our dedicated claims team will give you the support you need until the claim is resolved.

The claims process is simple

  1. Call our claims team on 0845 072 0723
  2. Our claims handler will then send you the appropriate forms to complete and let you know if there is any further information you need to supply at this time
  3. We process the completed forms and make an assessment
  4. Claim is paid directly to you

Important Information

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